Fantastyle: 1st Edition

This will be the first edition of what I’m calling, Fantastyle. I will be doing an overview of what was seen at last year’s Academy Awards, what we’ve seen so far at other award shows, and make predictions or what I would like to see on this year’s stars!

Let’s begin by giving my top five choices from last year’s Academy Awards:

(In no particular order because how can you choose?)

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You can see the trend, huh? I love a dress that is perfectly tailored to the star in an effortless, yet beautiful, way. These women always rock it on the red carpet and I’m sure this year will be no different!

We have some new faces in the lineup this year; here are the nominees for Best Actress:

  • Julianne Moore
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Rosamund Pike
  • Felicity Jones
  • Marion Cotillard

For Supporting Actress the nominees are:

  • Patricia Arquette
  • Laura Dern
  • Keira Knightley
  • Emma Stone
  • Meryl Streep

Five Things I Learned from the 2015 Award Season:

  1. Emma Stone likes to take fashion risks.
  2. Julianne Moore stuns in emerald.
  3. Keira Knightley has a very…interesting pregnancy style.
  4. Kate Hudson owns every award show ever.
  5. Anna Kendrick borrowed dresses from her Cinderella character from Into the Woods.

For my Oscar 2015 predictions:

I would love to see Emma Stone in another great jumpsuit or menswear look, she looked glam and sophisticated at the Golden Globes in her Lanvin jumpsuit.

Julianne Moore will most likely wear something super sparkly and probably vintage couture.

I would love to see Reese Witherspoon accentuate her small frame in a gorgeous mermaid gown in a jewel tone color.

Kate Hudson will show off her rock hard abs in a super sexy gown in a pale color like white or pink.

Jennifer Lawrence will team up with Dior and wow us just as she has for the past 2 years in a ball gown-like dress.

Oscar 2014 After Party Honorable  Mentions:

Jennifer Lawerence

Chrissy Teigen

Kate Hudson

Anna Kendrick

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Enjoy watching the Red Carpet, friends! Check back next week for the 2nd Edition of Fantastyle as we pick our best dressed of the Oscars! Until then, comment on your favorite style or make your own predictions!


Start Shopping for Your Spring Style Now

It may be freezing outside but I know you are just itching to get into those floral prints and short shorts! You may not be able to physically wear them yet, but I’m offering a few shopping tips about how to start shopping for spring and NOT spend all your money at once.

  1. Shop Around!

In-between classes and you don’t have anything to do? I suggest looking through the new spring collections that stores have just debuted.  Hide the credit card though, we’re not charging it just yet.  You should familiarize yourself with what the trends are this season and of those trends what will work for you and your body type.  Although this step is dangerously close to impulse buying, resist the urge and continue to browse.

  1. Start a Wish List!

Many shopping websites like Express and Forever 21 give you the ability to add items to a wish list instead of putting them into a shopping cart.  By doing this it allows you to think on what want and if it is something you can afford.

  1. Set a Limit!

Unless there is a super-duper awesome sale going on in a store, limit yourself to a specific amount of items or price limit.  This will help you spread the wealth and allow you to think about what you are buying.  This also helps you add variety to your wardrobe by not buying too much of a certain brand.

  1. Keep the Receipt!

So you decided you just had to have that spring dress when it’s -8 degrees outside, don’t worry I’m not going to chide you, but you should always keep the receipt! Some stores have stricter return schedules than others and it is important to know what they are.  I suggest keeping an expandable folder and categorizing the receipts so if you change your mind you can get a refund! P.S. This will also help with your overall budget!

  1. (One Time) Splurge!

So you’ve done all the research and resisting that you could stand.  It’s time for you to pick that wardrobe staple that borders on the expensive side.  Really think about what you are getting for your money, you worked hard for that cash after all! I believe that every girl deserves to have something that they feel great in and sometimes that happens to be a $50 chiffon kimono.  Don’t go overboard, but do get something you really love because you deserve it.

Do you have any tips or tricks for shoppers? Share in the comments below!

Amp Up Your Scarf Game

With this last surge of cold weather coming we have yet to see the first flower bloom for spring, but I’m certain it’ll be here some time or another. Until then there is still time to improve your winter style.

Scarves are the best accessory a girl can own because there is a place for them in each of your seasonal wardrobes.  To get an A+ in style, follow these tips for the scarves that should be added to your must-have list.

  1. The Chunky Wool Scarf

This is a great option for those subzero temperatures.  The great thing about this first option is that it doubles as a great outerwear accessory and it can be worn indoors with your favorite cozy sweater. Forever 21’s selections seem to be never-ending, and occasionally on sale!

  1. The Pattern Scarf

One of my favorite transitional pieces is the patterned scarf.  This scarf is usually lighter weight and can be easily mixed and matched with your favorite staples for elevated style.  Two patterns that are currently on trend for winter are: Aztec/geometric print and Flannel.  These two patterns offer a completely different styled look.

The first print, Aztec/geometric, alludes to a trendy but classic style.  The bright colors of the scarf mixed with accents of black and white print can easily be paired with jeans, a skater skirt with tights, or leggings.  Check out H&M’s offerings!

The second print, flannel, provides for a grungier and edgy style. Usually you’ll find a scarf in red and blue tones with black integrated into the print.  The ideal look for this is scuba leggings (the ones that look like leather), black combat boots, and a tunic. American Eagle offers some great options, and usually ships for free with a promo code.

  1. The Lacy Scarf

This type of scarf is the trendiest of the bunch and offers its own individual look that is most likely to stand out in a crowd.  This scarf gives off a Coachella boho vibe that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. There are two places that offer one that I had in mind, Express and Charming Charlie.  Pair this scarf with a dress in a neutral color like beige or burgundy and wear it in a loose long knot.

Maybe you already had these items tucked away in your closet and you just didn’t know how to wear them! Comment below with your favorite scarf look or favorite scarf tie! I can’t wait to hear back from you guys!

Best Time to Buy Boots

As I said in the post, I’m addicted to boots. It may be the only redeemable thing about winter, well that and Christmas. For my budget shoppers this is the perfect time to buy boots. Why? Because stores are sending their winter boots to the clearance while they get the new stock in for the spring.

As an online shopper, I am constantly looking for good websites that showcase their stock.  DSW offers the best site for shoes in my opinion.  In light of the best time to buy boots I offer you the Must-Have Boot List:

1.  This is an example of the Classic Riding Boot. This is currently available in Black and Brown at DSW. This boot goes with jeans, leggings, dresses, everything! They are my go-to boot which is why they earned the esteemed first place on my Must Have list.

Report Harmoni Riding Boot

Currently Listed For: $39.94

2. The second boot that makes the list is the combat boot.  These can be super sweet like the one pictured below, or punky with an edge. I like ones that have loads of embellishments like studs, rhinestones or lace insets. If you feel like walking on the wild side, add black combat boots to leather leggings with a studded sweater. For a head to toe look, darken your eye shadow and add a winged eyeliner.

Rock & Candy Spraypaint Lace Combat Boot

Currently Listed For: $49.95

3.  Can’t Afford a pair of Australia’s finest UGG boots? That’s alright, Bearpaw has provided us with a near perfect match!  Some days you don’t want to try and you don’t want to worry about your footwear.  That’s when these boots come in handy. Slip these boots on with nearly any outfit and you are good to go, although skinny jeans work best in my opinion. These come in a variety of colors and as an added bonus these boots are super warm and last for years!

Bearpaw Emma Boot

Currently Listed For: 64.95

Dressing Up an Old Favorite

Alright Ladies, if you live were it snows you know how hard it is to crawl out of your fleece pajama pants and put on cute clothes.  I am here to provide you with a solution. The solution is not to abandon your comfy clothes, but to embrace them!

Today, I am going to talk about the option of dressing up your favorite yoga pants or leggings. Yes, this is happening.  Yoga pants can be used for so much more than just yoga! Forget the haters that say, “Leggings aren’t pants,” Can you see your underwear? No? Then they are the perfect option for what I am talking about.

Here are the five steps for dressing up your leggings or yoga pants:

1. Find your perfect pair: Victoria’s Secret is known for their great selection of yoga pants, printed on or not, but they can run on the pricier side (they are currently running a sale, 2 for $60). Express also has a great selection of leggings, even ones that have a cool stud pattern. However, I found a great pair of leggings at Target.  They are comfortable and you are fully covered. If you choose the first option of the VS leggings, weigh the pros and cons.  This single pair of leggings will be worn multiple time a week, you will be comfortable, and will in turn up your happiness level.

2. Top it off: Here is where the ‘dressing up’ part comes in. For a more casual comfy look pair it with an striped tunic tee or simple earth tone. The tee can be long sleeve or short sleeve, it depends on how you feel that day. The longer top will cover your bottom and it will feel like pajamas. I found one at H&M that might work. For a less than casual look, pair it with a cream colored lace dress. It may seem weird putting a dress over your leggings, but trust me you will be appreciative of the extra warmth. Forever 21 offers an in-budget option!

3. Cover up Correctly: In the cold winter months, layers are important. I have two options for this part. Option one is to pair your long sleeve tunic tee with a puffer vest. This will add warmth and a preppy element to your look. The second option can be paired with either the tunic tee or lace dress. I am suggesting a waterfall sweater in a corresponding color. I’m thinking a great caramel colored sweater will be the perfect choice, Old Navy has one at a good price.

4. Accessorizing: One of my favorite places to find specific jewelry is Charming Charlie. The store is divided by color which can allow you to pick a specific color and find the perfect piece. For both of our options you don’t want to over accessorize. I think a long pendant necklace would do the trick. For a preppier look go for a nautical themed necklace and for a bohemian feel try a mini dream catcher pendant.

5. Happy Feet: My favorite part of winter comes in the form of boots. I’ll admit that this is my weakness.  Boots protect your feet from the cold and look stylish. DSW currently has a huge clearance section full of boots! I would suggest going with a pair of brown riding boots. This is a classic pick, but for an even warmer choice go with some fur lined suede boots in either black or brown.

So there you have it! Five steps to achieve an easy casually cute outfits while wearing leggings! Until next time!

My Confession

Here’s my statistics: My name is Charlene, I’m a 21 year old college senior, and I am a shopping addict. Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved clothes. I used to get lost in between the clothes racks and it drove my mother insane. I just loved being among beautiful clothes and then I think about how much energy and time went into designing one article of clothing (Remember that scene in the Devil Wears Prada? Miranda Priestly knows.)

There is just something about finding that perfect outfit for that perfect occasion and feeling ahhhh-mazing in it. That’s the most important part of fashion for me: expression and feeling good in what you are wearing.

That brings me to why I’m here writing this blog. There have been many celebrities and models speaking about loving the skin you’re in and I’m here to tell you the same thing, but with a twist. Most young adult women are putting themselves through school, working more than one job, and struggling to hold onto the feeling of being young and carefree. I’m here to give you back that worry free feeling.

Shopping on a budget is a discipline. It is something that with practice can be very rewarding. On this site you will hear about all the best deals both online and in store, get ideas on how to revamp your current closet, and keep up with the latest and greatest trends. I understand your need for new clothes but having very little to spend, let’s be responsible and carefree together.