Handbags for Spring!

Spring time is the perfect time to break out a new bag. You’ve probably had the same bag for over six months and it’s showing.  The good news is that I have picked out the best bags on trend for under $50!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “I can’t spend that much on a handbag, are you crazy?” Here’s the thing though: If you spend $50 on one handbag that you are going to use for six months that equals to about 8 dollars a month, which happens to be the same amount your Netflix subscription.

To assist you in your decision to buy a new handbag, I’ve picked out the top 5 trendiest handbags that can be found online and in-store at DSW.

1. Boho Fringe


Jessica Simpson Lolita Satchel $39.95

This is a great example of sophisticated bohemian style. It has the long strap to use as a crossbody or the two handles to use like a satchel. As a bonus, this bag also comes in black so you can choose whichever color best suites your wardrobe.

2. Drawstring Carry-All

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Melie Bianco Perforated Shoulder Bag $49.95

You have two great color options here in the latest spring silhouette.  This is another crossbody bag that has a carry all feel to it. If you are a girl who has everything and the kitchen sink in her purse, this is the one for you!

3. Structured Satchel


Kelly & Katie Perforated Shopper Satchel $49.95

This bag comes in two different colors, blush and white, both of which are very spring appropriate.  Again, we see the versatility in this bag because it has the long strap as well as the two handles.  The best thing about this bag to me though, is the inside. Unlike most satchels it has a center pocket for added organization which is always a good thing.

4. Pop of Color

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Lucky Brand Loredo Leather $39.95

Here we can see the trends converge into one bag.  It has a flap with fringe detailing and once it is opened you can see that it is a drawstring bag as well. I love the colors that it comes in because there’s really one for every girl! Plus this is a total steal.

5. Must-Have Wristlet


Kelly & Katie Straw Benny Wristlet $19.95

The great thing about a wristlet is that it holds all of your essentials: phone, I.D., and money. You can wrap it around your wrist to keep it close when you are traveling from place to place. You can also keep it in your every day handbag and then take it out when you don’t feel like carrying the whole bag with you!

Tell me your favorite spring handbag and let me know what you think about the trends in the comments below!





Bright Ideas for Spring

Neon hues are back this year for spring! All you have to do is step inside a store to know that.  What makes this season’s neon trend different than past year’s? MIXING! Pairing neon with other neon hues and assorted prints is your go-to move for spring and will be easily translated to summer.

Here are three things to keep in mind when you are digging into those bright colors!

1. Color Palette

We are seeing bright greens, pinks, oranges, and a mix of blue. What you need to do is figure out what shades work best for you! Try on these shades and walk through different lighting types so you can get a feel for how it would look. You want to pay key attention to your skin tone and hair color. You want to create contrast with your neon colors so try to stay away from tones that blend together.


2. Don’t be Matchy-Matchy

When your parent’s dressed you as a child you were the perfect example of match perfection. However, now that you’ve grown up take this opportunity to NOT match! I’m talking about mixing neon and prints. This can be a daunting task because we’ve been taught for the past 20+ years not to do this, but it turns out they were all wrong! The most important part is to stay within the same color palette. You want to create a interesting look, not a disastrous one.


3. Neon Not For You?

Neon colors aren’t for everyone. You may think the color is too bright, the prints too loud, and it doesn’t reflect your style. A way that you can still participate in this trend is by mixing your classic black and white shades with a snippet of neon. Color blocking is still very in style so use this to your advantage! By adding one piece of clothing or accessory in a neon color you have upgraded your outfit AND stayed true to your personal style.


Post pictures of your favorite neon prints in the comments and let me know how you will be participating in the trend!

Get Ahead of Spring Trends

With festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo surging with popularity, it’s no surprise that we have been jetted back to the Woodstock days. One of my favorite trends to spark during this time is essentially jewelry for your hair.

Hang in there for a moment, it sounds weird but looks fantastic. From custom pieces to other offerings from the best jewelry stores, hair accessories are HUGE this season. The best part of this trend is that they are totally wearable which is exactly what college students are looking for.

Here are the latest hair trends and where to find them for CHEAP:

1. A Chain Around Your Crownchain

Picture this: Perfect beach-y wavy hair, middle part and a chain that sits perfectly down the middle part and also circles around your crown. This looks gives you an eclectic bohemian vibe with a goddess-like twist. Wear this accessory with your favorite lace dress and boots or a kimono and shorts! This is the perfect addition to your accessory artillery because it is easy to wear but looks luxurious.

Urban Outfitters has many great options at all different price points.

2. Fantastic Elastic Headbands Capture

If your memory of headbands include sharp, pointy, plastic bits around your head and it never actually staying put, try to put that aside. There has definitely been an increase in cute headbands over the years. Now you can find elastic headbands that are tight enough to stay in your hair, add style and sparkle, and easy to wear. This is an accessory that is overlooked so I encourage you to add this to your wardrobe and in turn reap the benefits. The best part of this trend is that it comes in all types of fabrics: lace crochet, ribbon with gems, and the list goes on!

Forever 21 have a great selection of all the different types of elastic headbands.

3. Flower Powerflower

For the ultimate spring festival look you should rock a headband with flowers sewn into it. This look is a little more stylized than the first two; however, this will definitely give you the biggest reward. Everyone has a little bit of hippie in them so why not bring that out with a cute headband? We’ve seen many brides wear this look on their wedding day this past year and it is time to make in mainstream.

Pinterest Alert! DIY flower headband by buying elastic from a fabric store and sewing fake flowers (color of your choice) into the elastic! Gather a group of girls together and make a night of it!

An Esty shop TrendyDreamers make adorable flower headbands in all sorts of colors, they also do requests! So if your sewing skills aren’t to par there is always this option.

What do you think of these trends? Have you tried any of them yet? Let me know in the comments below!

Denim on Denim: The Trend That Won’t Fade

Back in the 90’s, wearing an outfit of only denim was the it thing to wear.  Your dad wore it, so did your mom, and you did too! You also wore pigtails with hot pink scrunchies.  Some things just shouldn’t be done.

Now, this is all one girl’s opinion and I’m not saying it is right or wrong.  However, I believe that some things should just stay in the past. Unless you are Miranda Kerr, she can wear whatever the heck she wants to wear.

Here are three ways to turn an old frumpy trend into a new modern look:

1. Pattern Chambray

I suggest that you find a pattern chambray button down because that pattern automatically makes it look 10 times more interesting and therefore trendy. If not a pattern, how about an ombre shirt! Both of these options provide for a more modern twist.

Pinterest Alert! Try to make your own pattern or ombre shirt out an old plain button down. Fellow Blogger and DIY enthusiast, JaderBomb, has listed 35 Tie-Dye and Dip Dye options for you to try and spruce up your wardrobe.

Anthropologie offers a more expensive look, but I suggest bringing out your crafty side and making it yourself!

2. Differentiate Denim

Mix and match your denim dyes. When I wear a denim shirt I always wear the opposite hue on the bottom. If I’m wearing a lighter wash on top I wear a dark blue jean or black jean.  If I’m wearing a darker wash on top, match it with white jeans or acid wash jeans, both of these choices would be great for spring. Adding more color to your outfit allows for the eye to travel and not look so frumpy.  If the denims don’t match that’s okay, this makes it more intriguing and fashion forward look.

Oldnavy offers a great medium wash to pair with dark or light wash jeans.

3. Mixing Materials

A way to toughen up this trend is to mix it with leather-like details.  Chambrays tend to look sweet and girly, but why not wear it with a leather circle skirt or liquid leggings? If you choose to go this route you are spicing up an old trend with a modern trend and this will give you a greater reward. Don’t stop at leather though, while the weather is still cold bust out your corduroy skinnies and match these two together. It might seem unexpected but surprisingly it works!

Forever 21 has great and affordable leather-like options to go with your chambray shirt!

Let me know your thoughts on this trend! Is it here to stay or is it fading?

Dress to Impress (On a Budget)

For all of my fellow college seniors, now is the time to apply for a big girl job. You spend your nights working out the perfect “Why do you belong at this company?” reply, pulling all of your best work together in a portfolio, and putting the finishing touches on your resume. Guess what? Your luck is shining bright because you got an in-person interview!

The only catch is your closet is overflowing with yoga pants and going out shirts, not exactly hire me attire. Fear not though because I’m here to tell you what business casual essentials you need to set you on the right track.

1. Dress Pants

This is the number one, most important thing to have in your closet. If you don’t have a pair yet, you need to add it to your closet ASAP.  They go with almost any top you own, what could go wrong? There are three colors to (eventually) have and they are black, khaki, and gray. These colors easily mix and match which is exactly what a girl needs when she is budgeting!

Target: Surprisingly, this store offers dress pants at all lengths and colors. Just what you need!

2. Sassy Skirt

Business casual doesn’t have to be frumpy, instead play up the flirt factor! Black is the classic go-to color, but why not change it up and go for a military green or a patterned skirt for something more interesting! If you go for a color or pattern wear a plain color on top to help balance it out. During the winter pair your skirt with a pair of tights to keep warm and add another fashionable element.

JCPenny: Great pencil skirts at a great price!

3. The Button Down

This is the quintessential ‘I’m here for business, take note’ look. If you have ever seen the USA show Suits, you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s almost like women have taken this look and made it a power piece.  Button downs used to look older and hide your figure, however, now you can find one that is work appropriate AND fashionable.

H&M: This store offers great business casual looks, but especially when it comes to button downs!

4. Classic Cardigan or Trendy Blazer

Here are two choices depending on what look you going for. The cardigan is a great option if you are trying to stay warm in a freezing building and are edging on a more casual look. The blazer is the option that is more professional and formal.  As an added bonus, blazers are totally trending for the girly preppy look.

Kohl’s: Whichever look you choose, this store has great options all the time! Plus they are nearly always running a sale!

5. Jewelry to Match

If you are desperately in need of something that looks professional, dress it up! You can take a plain white fitted t-shirt, add jewelry to the look and suddenly you have elevated your style!  Many stores offer great statement pieces that will take your eye off the plain T and turn it to the cool necklace and bracelet set you are wearing!

Francesca’s: Great items in lots of styles, perfect piece for every girl!

Tell me your business casual essential in the comments! Until next time, ladies!

Let’s Talk About That Tulle Trend

With fairy tales making a revival in pop culture, it only makes sense that fashion would follow suit. And as trend-loving social media butterflies we want to stay up-to-date, but how on earth are college students supposed to rock a big tulle skirt that sparkles when we twirl? Where do you even wear such an outfit?


Lauren Conrad, fashion trend setter and designer, has released her new collection at Kohl’s inspired by Disney’s Cinderella and she helps give us some ideas on where to wear such a specialized trend.

1. The Forest, Duh.

Take lead from Disney’s finest and get glamorous in the forest! But seriously, if you are looking to step up your selfie game this would be the perfect opportunity. Here’s another head’s up, if you have free time check out your college’s photography class.  Students are constantly looking for models (a.k.a. free labor) for their projects. This will help boost your confidence and you get to wear a cute outfit.

2. Costume Party Time!

The tulle skirt was practically made for parties.  No matter what the theme is the tulle skirt will fit the bill.  So you don’t have any parties to go to? Plan your own! Cheapen it by having friends or relatives bring their own food and drink! This will give you a reason to wear a killer outfit and to also bring you closer with your friends!

3. The City is Your City.

If you are in Illinois, then the closest fashion city is Chicago. In this city you see all kinds of people in all sorts of dress.  So why not use this as your opportunity to channel Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf? To up the chic factor, add a moto jacket and studded flats to complete your city look. Get your friends to join in and make a girls day of it! Go out to a fancy dinner (where they accept coupons of course) and pretend to be socialites for an evening! Of course you’ll go home afterwards and write a 10 page paper, but it was fun while it lasted.

4. Every day, All Day.

Why should you have to care what other people think? If you want to wear a big blue tulle skirt no one should be able to stop you. Sure, it is a bit overdone for a 10 o’clock class but should that matter? You are a fashion queen and you can wear whatever you want.

What do you ladies think? Will you be taking part in this airy spring trend? And if you have, post pics on how you rocked the look! Let me know in the comments below!

Fantastyle: 2nd Edition

The Oscars have come and gone and all we are left with are the amazing creations made by talented designers.  And they did not disappoint!

Trend Alert: creamy white and pale pinks

Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick wore a gorgeous Thakoon gown.   Jennifer Lopez wore a plunging Elia Saab dress with pearl-like embellishments.  Reese Witherspoon wowed in Tom Ford.  Others that followed suit include Julianne Moore, Zoe Saldana, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

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Trend Alert: embellishments and jewels galore

Laura Dern, Lupita Nyong’o, and Jennifer Aniston rocked those heavy dresses and probably had to use some double stick tape to keep them from slipping down but it was worth it!

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Trend Alert: Black and Red

Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson looked fiery in a St. Laurent gown and Rosamund Pike owned in a Givenchy Haute Couture gown (her personal best for the 2015 award season).  Margot Robbie turned out in a lingerie inspired St. Laurent dress.  While Meryl Strep, a veteran at this Oscar business, wore a menswear look that set her a part in the best possible way.

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Saving the best for last:

Emma Stone is my girl crush and she CRUSHED it on the red carpet.  She wore an Elie Saab gown in a pale lime green hue that would have looked horrendous on anyone else but looked perfect with her pale skin and her wavy red locks.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Honorable Mentions:

Rita Ora went for drama in a Marchesa navy and gold gown.  The songstress stole the show and was definitely owed a second look!

America Ferrera channeled a Grecian Goddess in a green Jenny Packham gown. She wins for the biggest surprise of the night.

Overall it was a successful night, but I have one last question: What did you all think of Scarlett Johansson’s first night out after the baby? Were you loving the outfit or not? Let me know in the comments below!