Handbags for Spring!

Spring time is the perfect time to break out a new bag. You’ve probably had the same bag for over six months and it’s showing.  The good news is that I have picked out the best bags on trend for under $50!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “I can’t spend that much on a handbag, are you crazy?” Here’s the thing though: If you spend $50 on one handbag that you are going to use for six months that equals to about 8 dollars a month, which happens to be the same amount your Netflix subscription.

To assist you in your decision to buy a new handbag, I’ve picked out the top 5 trendiest handbags that can be found online and in-store at DSW.

1. Boho Fringe


Jessica Simpson Lolita Satchel $39.95

This is a great example of sophisticated bohemian style. It has the long strap to use as a crossbody or the two handles to use like a satchel. As a bonus, this bag also comes in black so you can choose whichever color best suites your wardrobe.

2. Drawstring Carry-All

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Melie Bianco Perforated Shoulder Bag $49.95

You have two great color options here in the latest spring silhouette.  This is another crossbody bag that has a carry all feel to it. If you are a girl who has everything and the kitchen sink in her purse, this is the one for you!

3. Structured Satchel


Kelly & Katie Perforated Shopper Satchel $49.95

This bag comes in two different colors, blush and white, both of which are very spring appropriate.  Again, we see the versatility in this bag because it has the long strap as well as the two handles.  The best thing about this bag to me though, is the inside. Unlike most satchels it has a center pocket for added organization which is always a good thing.

4. Pop of Color

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Lucky Brand Loredo Leather $39.95

Here we can see the trends converge into one bag.  It has a flap with fringe detailing and once it is opened you can see that it is a drawstring bag as well. I love the colors that it comes in because there’s really one for every girl! Plus this is a total steal.

5. Must-Have Wristlet


Kelly & Katie Straw Benny Wristlet $19.95

The great thing about a wristlet is that it holds all of your essentials: phone, I.D., and money. You can wrap it around your wrist to keep it close when you are traveling from place to place. You can also keep it in your every day handbag and then take it out when you don’t feel like carrying the whole bag with you!

Tell me your favorite spring handbag and let me know what you think about the trends in the comments below!





One comment

  1. Kaitlyn Jacob · March 8, 2015

    I like that you included a wristlet! I’ve really developed a love for these because they’re so much easier to bring out with me on the weekends. Purses can be hard to keep track of in a crowded bar!


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