Get Ahead of Spring Trends

With festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo surging with popularity, it’s no surprise that we have been jetted back to the Woodstock days. One of my favorite trends to spark during this time is essentially jewelry for your hair.

Hang in there for a moment, it sounds weird but looks fantastic. From custom pieces to other offerings from the best jewelry stores, hair accessories are HUGE this season. The best part of this trend is that they are totally wearable which is exactly what college students are looking for.

Here are the latest hair trends and where to find them for CHEAP:

1. A Chain Around Your Crownchain

Picture this: Perfect beach-y wavy hair, middle part and a chain that sits perfectly down the middle part and also circles around your crown. This looks gives you an eclectic bohemian vibe with a goddess-like twist. Wear this accessory with your favorite lace dress and boots or a kimono and shorts! This is the perfect addition to your accessory artillery because it is easy to wear but looks luxurious.

Urban Outfitters has many great options at all different price points.

2. Fantastic Elastic Headbands Capture

If your memory of headbands include sharp, pointy, plastic bits around your head and it never actually staying put, try to put that aside. There has definitely been an increase in cute headbands over the years. Now you can find elastic headbands that are tight enough to stay in your hair, add style and sparkle, and easy to wear. This is an accessory that is overlooked so I encourage you to add this to your wardrobe and in turn reap the benefits. The best part of this trend is that it comes in all types of fabrics: lace crochet, ribbon with gems, and the list goes on!

Forever 21 have a great selection of all the different types of elastic headbands.

3. Flower Powerflower

For the ultimate spring festival look you should rock a headband with flowers sewn into it. This look is a little more stylized than the first two; however, this will definitely give you the biggest reward. Everyone has a little bit of hippie in them so why not bring that out with a cute headband? We’ve seen many brides wear this look on their wedding day this past year and it is time to make in mainstream.

Pinterest Alert! DIY flower headband by buying elastic from a fabric store and sewing fake flowers (color of your choice) into the elastic! Gather a group of girls together and make a night of it!

An Esty shop TrendyDreamers make adorable flower headbands in all sorts of colors, they also do requests! So if your sewing skills aren’t to par there is always this option.

What do you think of these trends? Have you tried any of them yet? Let me know in the comments below!


One comment

  1. Kaitlyn Jacob · March 5, 2015

    Great ideas. I’ve never been able to pull any of these looks off myself. I think it definitely takes the right person with the right style


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