Denim on Denim: The Trend That Won’t Fade

Back in the 90’s, wearing an outfit of only denim was the it thing to wear.  Your dad wore it, so did your mom, and you did too! You also wore pigtails with hot pink scrunchies.  Some things just shouldn’t be done.

Now, this is all one girl’s opinion and I’m not saying it is right or wrong.  However, I believe that some things should just stay in the past. Unless you are Miranda Kerr, she can wear whatever the heck she wants to wear.

Here are three ways to turn an old frumpy trend into a new modern look:

1. Pattern Chambray

I suggest that you find a pattern chambray button down because that pattern automatically makes it look 10 times more interesting and therefore trendy. If not a pattern, how about an ombre shirt! Both of these options provide for a more modern twist.

Pinterest Alert! Try to make your own pattern or ombre shirt out an old plain button down. Fellow Blogger and DIY enthusiast, JaderBomb, has listed 35 Tie-Dye and Dip Dye options for you to try and spruce up your wardrobe.

Anthropologie offers a more expensive look, but I suggest bringing out your crafty side and making it yourself!

2. Differentiate Denim

Mix and match your denim dyes. When I wear a denim shirt I always wear the opposite hue on the bottom. If I’m wearing a lighter wash on top I wear a dark blue jean or black jean.  If I’m wearing a darker wash on top, match it with white jeans or acid wash jeans, both of these choices would be great for spring. Adding more color to your outfit allows for the eye to travel and not look so frumpy.  If the denims don’t match that’s okay, this makes it more intriguing and fashion forward look.

Oldnavy offers a great medium wash to pair with dark or light wash jeans.

3. Mixing Materials

A way to toughen up this trend is to mix it with leather-like details.  Chambrays tend to look sweet and girly, but why not wear it with a leather circle skirt or liquid leggings? If you choose to go this route you are spicing up an old trend with a modern trend and this will give you a greater reward. Don’t stop at leather though, while the weather is still cold bust out your corduroy skinnies and match these two together. It might seem unexpected but surprisingly it works!

Forever 21 has great and affordable leather-like options to go with your chambray shirt!

Let me know your thoughts on this trend! Is it here to stay or is it fading?


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