Let’s Talk About That Tulle Trend

With fairy tales making a revival in pop culture, it only makes sense that fashion would follow suit. And as trend-loving social media butterflies we want to stay up-to-date, but how on earth are college students supposed to rock a big tulle skirt that sparkles when we twirl? Where do you even wear such an outfit?


Lauren Conrad, fashion trend setter and designer, has released her new collection at Kohl’s inspired by Disney’s Cinderella and she helps give us some ideas on where to wear such a specialized trend.

1. The Forest, Duh.

Take lead from Disney’s finest and get glamorous in the forest! But seriously, if you are looking to step up your selfie game this would be the perfect opportunity. Here’s another head’s up, if you have free time check out your college’s photography class.  Students are constantly looking for models (a.k.a. free labor) for their projects. This will help boost your confidence and you get to wear a cute outfit.

2. Costume Party Time!

The tulle skirt was practically made for parties.  No matter what the theme is the tulle skirt will fit the bill.  So you don’t have any parties to go to? Plan your own! Cheapen it by having friends or relatives bring their own food and drink! This will give you a reason to wear a killer outfit and to also bring you closer with your friends!

3. The City is Your City.

If you are in Illinois, then the closest fashion city is Chicago. In this city you see all kinds of people in all sorts of dress.  So why not use this as your opportunity to channel Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf? To up the chic factor, add a moto jacket and studded flats to complete your city look. Get your friends to join in and make a girls day of it! Go out to a fancy dinner (where they accept coupons of course) and pretend to be socialites for an evening! Of course you’ll go home afterwards and write a 10 page paper, but it was fun while it lasted.

4. Every day, All Day.

Why should you have to care what other people think? If you want to wear a big blue tulle skirt no one should be able to stop you. Sure, it is a bit overdone for a 10 o’clock class but should that matter? You are a fashion queen and you can wear whatever you want.

What do you ladies think? Will you be taking part in this airy spring trend? And if you have, post pics on how you rocked the look! Let me know in the comments below!


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