Start Shopping for Your Spring Style Now

It may be freezing outside but I know you are just itching to get into those floral prints and short shorts! You may not be able to physically wear them yet, but I’m offering a few shopping tips about how to start shopping for spring and NOT spend all your money at once.

  1. Shop Around!

In-between classes and you don’t have anything to do? I suggest looking through the new spring collections that stores have just debuted.  Hide the credit card though, we’re not charging it just yet.  You should familiarize yourself with what the trends are this season and of those trends what will work for you and your body type.  Although this step is dangerously close to impulse buying, resist the urge and continue to browse.

  1. Start a Wish List!

Many shopping websites like Express and Forever 21 give you the ability to add items to a wish list instead of putting them into a shopping cart.  By doing this it allows you to think on what want and if it is something you can afford.

  1. Set a Limit!

Unless there is a super-duper awesome sale going on in a store, limit yourself to a specific amount of items or price limit.  This will help you spread the wealth and allow you to think about what you are buying.  This also helps you add variety to your wardrobe by not buying too much of a certain brand.

  1. Keep the Receipt!

So you decided you just had to have that spring dress when it’s -8 degrees outside, don’t worry I’m not going to chide you, but you should always keep the receipt! Some stores have stricter return schedules than others and it is important to know what they are.  I suggest keeping an expandable folder and categorizing the receipts so if you change your mind you can get a refund! P.S. This will also help with your overall budget!

  1. (One Time) Splurge!

So you’ve done all the research and resisting that you could stand.  It’s time for you to pick that wardrobe staple that borders on the expensive side.  Really think about what you are getting for your money, you worked hard for that cash after all! I believe that every girl deserves to have something that they feel great in and sometimes that happens to be a $50 chiffon kimono.  Don’t go overboard, but do get something you really love because you deserve it.

Do you have any tips or tricks for shoppers? Share in the comments below!


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