Amp Up Your Scarf Game

With this last surge of cold weather coming we have yet to see the first flower bloom for spring, but I’m certain it’ll be here some time or another. Until then there is still time to improve your winter style.

Scarves are the best accessory a girl can own because there is a place for them in each of your seasonal wardrobes.  To get an A+ in style, follow these tips for the scarves that should be added to your must-have list.

  1. The Chunky Wool Scarf

This is a great option for those subzero temperatures.  The great thing about this first option is that it doubles as a great outerwear accessory and it can be worn indoors with your favorite cozy sweater. Forever 21’s selections seem to be never-ending, and occasionally on sale!

  1. The Pattern Scarf

One of my favorite transitional pieces is the patterned scarf.  This scarf is usually lighter weight and can be easily mixed and matched with your favorite staples for elevated style.  Two patterns that are currently on trend for winter are: Aztec/geometric print and Flannel.  These two patterns offer a completely different styled look.

The first print, Aztec/geometric, alludes to a trendy but classic style.  The bright colors of the scarf mixed with accents of black and white print can easily be paired with jeans, a skater skirt with tights, or leggings.  Check out H&M’s offerings!

The second print, flannel, provides for a grungier and edgy style. Usually you’ll find a scarf in red and blue tones with black integrated into the print.  The ideal look for this is scuba leggings (the ones that look like leather), black combat boots, and a tunic. American Eagle offers some great options, and usually ships for free with a promo code.

  1. The Lacy Scarf

This type of scarf is the trendiest of the bunch and offers its own individual look that is most likely to stand out in a crowd.  This scarf gives off a Coachella boho vibe that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. There are two places that offer one that I had in mind, Express and Charming Charlie.  Pair this scarf with a dress in a neutral color like beige or burgundy and wear it in a loose long knot.

Maybe you already had these items tucked away in your closet and you just didn’t know how to wear them! Comment below with your favorite scarf look or favorite scarf tie! I can’t wait to hear back from you guys!


One comment

  1. Kathryn Bloch · February 19, 2015

    Scarves are a staple in my wardrobe, for sure! Good job on the links to store websites!


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