Dressing Up an Old Favorite

Alright Ladies, if you live were it snows you know how hard it is to crawl out of your fleece pajama pants and put on cute clothes.  I am here to provide you with a solution. The solution is not to abandon your comfy clothes, but to embrace them!

Today, I am going to talk about the option of dressing up your favorite yoga pants or leggings. Yes, this is happening.  Yoga pants can be used for so much more than just yoga! Forget the haters that say, “Leggings aren’t pants,” Can you see your underwear? No? Then they are the perfect option for what I am talking about.

Here are the five steps for dressing up your leggings or yoga pants:

1. Find your perfect pair: Victoria’s Secret is known for their great selection of yoga pants, printed on or not, but they can run on the pricier side (they are currently running a sale, 2 for $60). Express also has a great selection of leggings, even ones that have a cool stud pattern. However, I found a great pair of leggings at Target.  They are comfortable and you are fully covered. If you choose the first option of the VS leggings, weigh the pros and cons.  This single pair of leggings will be worn multiple time a week, you will be comfortable, and will in turn up your happiness level.

2. Top it off: Here is where the ‘dressing up’ part comes in. For a more casual comfy look pair it with an striped tunic tee or simple earth tone. The tee can be long sleeve or short sleeve, it depends on how you feel that day. The longer top will cover your bottom and it will feel like pajamas. I found one at H&M that might work. For a less than casual look, pair it with a cream colored lace dress. It may seem weird putting a dress over your leggings, but trust me you will be appreciative of the extra warmth. Forever 21 offers an in-budget option!

3. Cover up Correctly: In the cold winter months, layers are important. I have two options for this part. Option one is to pair your long sleeve tunic tee with a puffer vest. This will add warmth and a preppy element to your look. The second option can be paired with either the tunic tee or lace dress. I am suggesting a waterfall sweater in a corresponding color. I’m thinking a great caramel colored sweater will be the perfect choice, Old Navy has one at a good price.

4. Accessorizing: One of my favorite places to find specific jewelry is Charming Charlie. The store is divided by color which can allow you to pick a specific color and find the perfect piece. For both of our options you don’t want to over accessorize. I think a long pendant necklace would do the trick. For a preppier look go for a nautical themed necklace and for a bohemian feel try a mini dream catcher pendant.

5. Happy Feet: My favorite part of winter comes in the form of boots. I’ll admit that this is my weakness.  Boots protect your feet from the cold and look stylish. DSW currently has a huge clearance section full of boots! I would suggest going with a pair of brown riding boots. This is a classic pick, but for an even warmer choice go with some fur lined suede boots in either black or brown.

So there you have it! Five steps to achieve an easy casually cute outfits while wearing leggings! Until next time!


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